"No Child Without a Christmas"



Upcoming Fundraisers

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Contacting the Clinton Township Goodfellows

In order to contact the Clinton Township Goodfellows, please send us an email at clintontwpgoodfellows@live.com or call (586) 764-7618 with your name, a way for us to contact you, and your message.  We will respond to your email within 24-48 hours.

Goals of the Clinton Township Goodfellows

  • Children are the focus of all that we do
  • Community Enrichment
  • Enhance Membership



 Areas You Can Help

  • Membership
  • Committees
  • Volunteers
  • If you wish to contribute, please send a check payable to the "Clinton Township Goodfellows" to:
    Clinton Township Goodfellows
    P.O. Box 380643
    Clinton Township, MI 48038


Who are the Clinton Township Goodfellows?

The mission of the Clinton Township Goodfellows is to serve our community, so there will be "No Child Without a Christmas". We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission by effectively utilizing our resources, membership and donations to distribute gifts to needy families for the Christmas Holiday. Which is financed by fund-raising civic events and charitable contributions.

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