Operations Committees

Communications & Media Committee

  • Responds to inquiries from website, phone, and media
  • Updates Website and Facebook on consistent basis
  • Writes Newspaper Articles and Press Releases
  • Coordinates with President and Executive Board on Publicity Activities

Membership Committee

  • Go to events that would generate new members
  • Actively seek new members

Liaison Committee

  • People to work with each school
  • Get information out.

Dinner Committees

Spaghetti Dinner Committee

  • Pick place for the dinner to be held
  • Negotiate the cost of the dinners
  • Monitor set up

50/50 Committee

  • Handles the 50/50 raffle at the dinner

Bake Sale Committee

  • Handle the bake sale at the dinner
  • Visit local bakeries to get donated sheet cakes

Raffle Committee

  • Gather articles to use at dinner raffle
  • Combine articles into groupings
  • Get donations
  • Set up the night of the dinner

Volunteer Committee

  • Schedule volunteers for dinner
  • Monitor and make assignments

Distribution Committees

Sign Up for Toys

  • Set up dates with the Library for the sign ups
  • Communicate these dates to membership
  • Schedule volunteers for the dates and times needed
  • Tally the ages, sex, and sizes needed from sign up sheet

Toy Committee

  • Purchase the toys for the children
  • Set up the toys at the packing site
  • Rebox toys not utilized
  • Return toys to the store if possible
  • Order Sweatshirts

Packing Committee

  • Flyer to announce location and time of packing schedule
  • Sign up members that will be present the day of packing